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Leading the Restoration of Jewish Przemysl:

The Jewish Cemetery:

For much of the past decade, the Foundation has lead the effort to restore and maintain the Slowackiego Jewish Cemetery in Przemysl. We have spent nearly one hundred thousand of dollars to transform a forgotten, deteriorating field into one of the best Jewish cemetery sites in all of Poland. The work was initially focused on security and reclamation -- completing the surrounding fence and clearing half a century of overgrowth. The next phase saw us restoring the many deteriorating stones and markers, including the re-dedication of the Shoah mass grave monument. We've come a long way, but there is still much work to be done. It costs nearly ten thousand dollars per year just to maintain the site, funds that today come 100% from donors to the Foundation.

The Scheinbach Synagogue Conversion:

We are working on a proposal to convert the former Scheinbach Synagogue building at 13 Slowackiego Street into a Galician Cultural Center which would be used for historical, artistic, cultural, scientific, and religious purposes. At the same time the building would be dedicated to preserving the memory of the three nations of Galicia Poles, Ukrainians and Jews.

Our practical goals are to: 1) perpetuate the memory of the three nations of Galicia and to preserve their heritage, 2) To disseminate knowledge of the history and culture of the three nations to the public and particularly to young people, and, 3) To create an opportunity for Polish-Jewish-Ukrainian dialogue and promote the values of a multi-cultural society.